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Smile Assessment

Non-Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry
With Scientific Dental Bleaching

Q. What does "non-invasive aesthetic dentistry" mean?

A. Non-invasive dentistry means preserving healthy tooth tissue when carrying out dental treatments.

Q. Why do we want to preserve tooth tissue?

A. If we over-prepare teeth, this can result is irreversible damage to your tooth health. Once a tooth enters the restorative cycle, it will always need maintenance and replacements. No dental treatment ever lasts forever. The more treatment we carry out to a tooth, the more risk there is of it becoming irreversibly damaged. If this happens, you may need to have root canal treatment or other invasive treatments.

Q. What is a non-invasive smile makeover?

A. With a totally non-invasive smile makeover, you can have a beautiful, healthy Hollywood smile without resorting to porcelain veneers, which will need to be replaced every 10 years. All our straightening and whitening treatments are totally non invasive and each treatment is tailored to your unique case.

Q. How is our straightening treatment non-invasive?

A. We don't remove teeth, file them down or use attachments (which can damage your enamel). Find out more about our completely non-invasive straightening treatments here.

Q. How are whitening treatments non-invasive?

A. Dr Wyman Chan's own invention is a gel which contains a special, patented activator that is scientifically proven to boost stain-removing power by three-fold and neutralise the acid, making it alkaline and harmless. Acidic gels are abrasive and damage your enamel.

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