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Celebrity Smiles


Jessie J

Cheese!!! Thanks for making my teeth look like Simon Cowell's.


Rebel Wilson

Today, seeing as I was in London I went to see the amazing Dr Wyman Chan and got my teeth whitened. Too easy!!


Nicole Scherzinger

Super grateful to @Dr_Wyman_Chan for making my smile sparkle!


Isaac Carew

Although I look like some sort of sci-fi terminator baby, I've got gleaming white teeth thanks to #DrWymanChan


Beverley Knight

This man right here! Thank you for giving me whiter teeth, you rock! Although I cannot sing with teeth trays, I can now do a good Sean Connery impression with them in! 


Jenni Falconer

I have been regularly going to Dr Wyman Chan & recommend his pain-free treatments to everyone.


Fleur East

Dr Chan, you are the man! Thanks for my Hollywood smile


Kimberley Walsh

 A smile is often the first thing you notice about people, so I always look after my teeth. I get them whitened by Dr. Wyman Chan for a pain-free, Hollywood smile. He is the best in the business.


Frankie Bridge

I've tried loads of different whitening treatments, and Dr. Wyman Chan's is definitely the best. I also take the Perfect Trays on tour with me to make sure my teeth stay bright white.


Lizzie Cundy

Best dentist in the world and I'm his best patient!


Jermaine Jenas

Thanks for whitening my smile, Dr Chan! I didn't finish the film though. I'll have to come back!


Wallis Day

Thank you so much for my new smile. I'm all ready for Hollywood now!

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